Wasteland Warrior

The Wasteland Warrior grew up in the wastes. Whether part of a small settlement of a nomadic group that moved throughout the year he grew up outside of civilization. To survive he had to learn to fight with whatever was at hand. The Wasteland Warrior is tough and a master of improvised weapons.

  • Improvisation: The Wasteland Warrior fights based on instinct and improvisation as much as training. The Wasteland Warrior gains Simple Weapons and Light Armor proficiencies.
    • Improve Fighting: The Wasteland Warrior gains the benefit of the Catch Off-Guard feat
    • Good with Your Hands: The Wasteland Warrior gains Improved Unarmed Strike.
    • Improvised Shield: The Wasteland Warrior gains a shield bonus when using an improvised shield. The shield bonus is based on the type of the shield the object most closely resembles.

  • Throw It Now: The Wasteland Warrior gains the Throw Anything Feat. This replaces the 2nd Level Bonus Feat.
  • Survivor: The Wasteland Warrior is a survivor. He gains a +2 bonus to Survival Checks. This bonus increases by +2 for every four levels. He never takes movement penalties in the wastes. Replaces Bravery.
  • Improvised Armor Training: The Wasteland Warrior can improvise armor for himself or his allies. He is considered proficient with this armor. Additionally he gains a +1 AC Bonus to both the improvised armor and/or an improvised shield. This bonus increases by +1 to AC for every four levels. Replaces Armor Training 1,2,3,4
  • Improve is Key: The Wasteland Warrior gains a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls when fighting with an improvised weapon or unarmed. This bonus increase by +1 for every four levels. Additionally he can now apply weapon and combat feats, such as Weapon Focus to Improvised Weapons. Replaces Weapon Training 1,2,3,4
  • Improve Master: The Wasteland Warrior gains the Improvised Weapon Mastery Feat. Replaces the 6th Level Bonus Feat.

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