Legends & Lore

Over the last 1000 years many stories have been told and retold to the point that they have passed from story into legend. Stories of mysterious sites of the ancients, heroes and evils that entertain, inspire and cause fear among the people of Teluria. After all for every legned, there is a story and in almost any story there is at least a kernel of truth.


Ruins litter the wastes, most are nothing more than failed settlements or semi-permanent camps of the nomadic tribes. Other ruins are sites of the ancients, sites of great destruction, or the finally remnants of their cities. A few become the obsession of archaeologists and story tellers that speak of lost places waiting to be found again. These last ruins are the ones that capture imaginations and drive adventurers into the wastes.

  • Jericho- Jericho is the mythical city originally drawn by Targon Marts, the famous artist/explorer.

  • The Alpha Site- The Alpha Site is supposedly the first cache discovered belonging to the ancients.

  • Gelf’s Basin- Gelf’s Basin is the most recent ancient’s cache discovered.

Natural Phenomenon

There are many phenomenon that occur in the natural world of Teluria that have developed stories and lives of their own. These phenomenon have captivated the people of Teluria for generations and a search for the source and reason has inspired many a scientist.


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