Gelf’s Basin

Gelfs basin

Gelf’s Basin is the most recent ancient’s cache discovered, being found about five years ago. It was named for Andolph Gelf the first chair of the Archaeology Department at Terrous University. It was discovered by an expedition lead by Dr. Reardon St. Thomas from Terrous University. He published a paper detailing the findings. The entrance to the cache was exposed when the river level dropped from a prolonged drought in the region. Finding it before the rainy season started there was only a few days to explore before the team had to leave the basin. Due to an exceptional wet period during the last five years have prevented any follow up.

Only historical information that was discovered was made public. Any technology or devices that were found are currently being studied and cataloged and have not been shown. About a year and a half after the expedition’s return, Terrous Armory started selling the Repeating Rifle. Most assume that information from the cache lead to that breakthrough. Beyond that the information has been pure speculation as has the location of the find.

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