Pin Hole200 gpe3 lbs.The Standard Camera in use
Single Lens Reflex700 gpe2 lbs.The Newest Camera on Telious
SLR Film2 gpe1/10 lb.SLR Film Roll with 10 exposures
Photo Plate(Silver)5 gpe1/2 lb.Plate for Pin Hole Camera. Good for 100 shots
Photo Plate(Glass)3 gpe3/4 lb.Glass Plate for Pin Hole Camera. Good for 40 shots

Pin Hole Camera: The Pin Hole Camera is box that uses metal plates to take pictures. It does not have focus capability and it takes many minutes to take a picture. It is good for portraits but not much else. It requires a Knowledge Photography check for each picture to be taken as well as developed.

Single Lens Reflex Camera: The Single Lens Reflex(SLR) Camera is the newest camera to be sold in Telious. It has been developed Nikolta camera company and uses a new roll film in place of the plates. It allows for focusing the lens and is smaller and lighter than the Pin Hole. It has been adpoted by scouts and other that need a portable ability to talke pictures. The camera grants a +5 bonus on Knowledge Photography checks, but is -2 on checks to develop the film.

Firearm Accessories

Telescopic Site500 gpe1 lb.Provides a +2 aiming bonus after 1 round
Sound Suppressor300 gpe2 lb.Require Perception Check to Hear. -10 Perception to locate
Rifle Sling5 gpe1/10 lb.Prevents dropping rifle when disarmed

Telescopic Site: The telescopic site is the latest from Faran Optics in Alfarna. They make lenses, Spy Glasses and other optics used all over the continent. When a player spends a round aiming they gain two benefits to the next shot. The first is +2 to hit and all range increments after point blank are doubled. This can only be mounted on a rifle.

Sound Suppressor: This device muffles the sound of a gun shot by slowing the round down. This makes the shot much harder to detect but also decreases range and lethality. The cost is for the suppressor and the modifications to a single action pistol. Once a pistol is modified it can no longer be used for Fanning. After every 50 shots there is 50 gpe of maintenance that must be done. If the player has Gunsmithing they can do it themselves for DC 25 check.

The sound suppressor reduces damage by 2 and reduces range by 1/2. This has to do with the fact that the bullet is slowed by the suppressor. Additionally the act of cocking the hammer no longer rotates the cylinder so the shooter must do that as well. This reduces the number of attacks by 1.

Rifle Sling: The rifle sling attaches to the front and back of the rifle. It allows the user to carry the rifle for long periods of time, and if used in combat means a successful disarm does not cause the shooter to drop the weapon.

Adventuring Gear

Field Glasses1500 gpe1 lb.Field Glasses are an upgrade of the Spyglass


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