The Alpha Site

Alpha site

The Alpha Site is supposedly the first cache discovered belonging to the ancients. The site was supposedly discovered over 300 years ago by the Valasian explorer Valdenth. The site was located in the north of Telious built into the side of a bluff. The site was named for the word over its doors, Alpha. Valdenth recorded all of this in his journal along with sketches of the site.

The site contained mostly books that recounted the history of Teluria before the cataclysm and provided proof for the stories that had been passed down through the generations. The books hinted that the ancients had the foresight to leave caches of information around Teluria, hidden in such a way that they would be found when people were ready. Among the books were medical text that helped advance the state of medical science at the time. While much was confirmed and learned from the discovery, no one has been able to find it again based on the landmarks and descriptions in the journal.

Besides the historic significance of the find, there is another reason why many search to find the Alpha Site. In his journal, Valdenth described a sealed room that he called a vault. He was unable to open the vault and recorded his observations. He believed that there is something of great import in the vault. He also wrote that at the appointed time of the ancients the vault would be able to be opened and the promise of what is in that vault is what keeps many searching for the site to this day.

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