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  • Valgoth


    The Valgoth are the offspring of an Argoth and a Valasian. The Valgoth have struggled to find their place in the world. They are not as fatalistic as the Valasian nor are they as intense at the Argoth. They tend to wander in the …

  • Dr. Alphonse Blake

    Who Are You?

    Dr. Alphonse Blake has been at Terrous university for as long as anyone can remeber. He was originally a history professor and field researcher. He became the Dean of the School of History and Archealogy about 65 years ago. He …

  • Ilya Vander

    Who Are You?

    Ilya Vander took up the job of tracking down the wanted after a friend of hers was killed and got away before the authorities could catch him. She joined the ledgermen and tracked him down. It was a rough commission, but she was …

  • Jenkins Harlock

    Who Are You?

    Jenkins Harlock grew up in Terrous. When he was young he worked the ranches. He is a great rider and good with a gun, but his level head is what made him successful. While successful working as a cowboy, he always felt something …

  • Miranda Case

    Who Are You?

    Miranda Case arrived in town a few years ago and took a job with the Terrous Sheriff's Department when they were recruiting after losing several deputies. She worked as a law officer in several small towns and as a Ledgermen …