Tag: Saloon Girl


  • Kitsuna Chan

    Who Are You?

    Kitsuna Chan arrived in Terrous about five years ago and went to work at Sally's Place as a dancer. After about a year she was married to Marius "The Joker" Morgan. He owned the Joker Club. She ran the girls and entertainment …

  • Amanda Bargton

    Who Are You?

    Amanda Bargton is head of Amanda's Girls and the business partner of [[:sally | Sally]]. She grew up in Saloons as her mother was a dancer and waitress and she never knew her father. She is a talented dancer and choreographer. …

  • Sally

    Who Are You?

    Sally has been in Terrous for as long as anyone can remember. She looks to be in her early thirties, but everyone knows she is much older than that. She is the owner of Sally's place which has been a landmark in Terrous for over …

  • Carrie La Fontane

    Who Are You?

    Carrie La Fontane showed in Terrous one day. Nobody knows where she came from or if Carrie is her real name. She has a voice that can command respect or melt the heart of even the coldest man. It was her commanding presence and …