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  • Quargoth


    The Quargoth are an abandoned people. They were originally the results of experimental breeding between Quaroth and Argoth. They were unaffected when the atmosphere turned against the Quaroth, but were left behind when the Quaroth …

  • Victor Bladewind

    Who Are You?

    Victor Bladewind is a likeable Quargoth that has been crafting fine swords for many years. He comes from a long line of master sword crafters and runs one of the Billasten Forges in Hollavor. He has powerful muscles from working …

  • Franklin Covey

    Who Are You?

    Franklin Covey, or Frank to his friends is a Quargoth that has been around for a lot of years. He rolled into Sally's Place one day and took care of a couple of characters that were making a mess of the place. He is not the …

  • Miles Carson

    Who Are You?

    Miles Carson has been the head of the Ledgermen for the last 30 years. During that time he has consolidated the influence over the tracking of wanted and got all the city states to recognize the ledgermen as the authority in …