Tag: Joker Club


  • Kitsuna Chan

    Who Are You?

    Kitsuna Chan arrived in Terrous about five years ago and went to work at Sally's Place as a dancer. After about a year she was married to Marius "The Joker" Morgan. He owned the Joker Club. She ran the girls and entertainment …

  • Carrie La Fontane

    Who Are You?

    Carrie La Fontane showed in Terrous one day. Nobody knows where she came from or if Carrie is her real name. She has a voice that can command respect or melt the heart of even the coldest man. It was her commanding presence and …

  • Trilla Zyrian

    Who Are You?

    Trilla Zyrian is the daughter of William Mount Zyrian a wealthy industrialist in Alfarna. She has grown up in privilege and lives the lifestyle befit someone of her station. She is witty, intelligent and expert in social graces …