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    Gambling represents the characters skill in games of chance. Gambling covers all forms of games of chance. The skill provides knowledge of the rules and strategies for …

  • Magic


    Magic is new to the world of Teluria. While magic first appeared almost a millennia ago, it has only been understood for a little over a hundred years. There are no formal schools of magic, so only people born with an innate ability …

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    Character Creation

    Build Points

    Characters will be built using point buy. All abilities start at 10 and the player will have 30 points to spend and can start with no ability less than 7 or greater than 20 …

  • Archetypes


    Teluria uses archetypes to create classes that fit the world. The following list contains the archetypes that are available for each class.

    Fighter Archetypes

    • [[Gunfighter|Gunfighter]]
    • [[ …

  • Races


    There are 5 dominant races on Teluria. 3 of the races are the original races from [[TimeOfTheAncients | the Time of the Ancients]]. 1 race evolved after the original races were pushed near extinction. The last race was the race …

  • Argoth


    The Argoth were once masters of a galaxy spanning empire. They were pushed to the edge of extinction during a war with the Quaroth. Their natural resiliency and adaptable allowed them to survive and start rebuilding the world. The …

  • Quargoth


    The Quargoth are an abandoned people. They were originally the results of experimental breeding between Quaroth and Argoth. They were unaffected when the atmosphere turned against the Quaroth, but were left behind when the Quaroth …

  • Valasian


    The Valasian are descendants of the results of Argoth genetic experiments during the time of the Ancients. The Valasian were created to be the ultimate pilots. They saw some of the heaviest losses during the war with the Quaroth. …

  • Valgoth


    The Valgoth are the offspring of an Argoth and a Valasian. The Valgoth have struggled to find their place in the world. They are not as fatalistic as the Valasian nor are they as intense at the Argoth. They tend to wander in the …

  • Perentie


    The Perentie are a race of lizard men that evolved in the great Heisha desert at the heart of the Roaravan Wastes. After the disaster at the end of the age of the time of the ancients, Teluria had become a different place. The …

  • PartyRules

    Party Rules


    The campaign is based on the concept that the players are trying to make the world a better place, as such the players should general be good, leaning towards the Law, Good or Neutral. That being said there …