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  • Archetypes


    Teluria uses archetypes to create classes that fit the world. The following list contains the archetypes that are available for each class.

    Fighter Archetypes

    • [[Gunfighter|Gunfighter]]
    • [[ …

  • Sniper


    The Sniper has taken the use of the rifle to the extreme. He is capable of making amazing shots over long distance. This skill allows the Sniper to change the course of a battle, assassinate a target from range or change any situation …

  • Gunfighter


    The Gun Fighter was born with a pistol in his hands. He has the reflexes of a rattlesnake, the vision of an Eagle and the presence of a black bear. A gun fighter is good at one thing, killing another person with a pistol. They …

  • WastelandWarrior

    Wasteland Warrior

    The Wasteland Warrior grew up in the wastes. Whether part of a small settlement of a nomadic group that moved throughout the year he grew up outside of civilization. To survive he had to learn to fight with whatever was at …

  • Scout


    The Scout uses the Ranger’s skills to serve as both a guide and the advanced eyes and ears for a group. Scouts learn to use their abilities to aide their allies while traveling, particularly when in their favored terrain. They do not …

  • Gambler


    The Gambler takes chances. He loves any opportunity to prove he can defy the odds. The secret to the Gambler’s success is that he is always looking for an edge, a way to tilt the advantage in his favor and away from his opponent. …

  • Archaeologist


    The Archaeologist usually finds himself feeling constrained by academia. He prefers to do his research in the field instead of the library. When he is on campus he is usually one of the most popular professors, but he is not …

  • Cowboy


    The Cowboy is the hired hand that protects the ranch, moves the herds and does anything else needed to keep a ranch running. Cowboys are independent; love the outdoors and the challenge of wrangling a herd of cattle to get them to …

  • Boxer


    The Boxer is good with his hands. Whether he grew up using them to survive on the street or working as an enforcer the boxer uses his hands to survive. Many people can fight, but the boxer is a true artist. There skill with their hands …

  • Pistolero


    The Pistolero performs the shooting feats of legend. Their skill with a pistol is both feared and envied. While their focus on pistols causes them to forgo learning other firearms, what they can accomplish with a pistol is …

  • CryptBreaker

    Crypt Breaker

    The Crypt Breaker specializes in getting into places the Ancients wanted to keep people out of. He focuses on improving his senses, understanding and avoiding the traps and dealing with the "constructs" that they left behind. …

  • Grenadier


    Grenadiers train to exercise their talents in the thick of battle, even when not under the influence of their mutagens. They learn methods of combining weapon attacks with their alchemical magic, and sacrifice skill with poisons in …

  • Rifleman


    The rifleman is an expert at using the new lever-action rifle. He can place a single shot on target, or use the high rate of fire to decimate an area.

    • Gunsmith: A Rifleman has to choose …

  • UrbanBarbarian

    Urban Barbarian

    Every barbarian knows that city life can soften the spirit and the body, but some barbarians take on the trappings and ways of their adoptive homes and bend their savage powers to its challenges. While these urban barbarians …

  • Hexen


    The Hexen discovered her powers by accident or fate. Some would view it as a curse having such an evil tied up with themselves, but others seek to understand it and use that power for good and to prevent the evil from taking over the …

  • SaloonGirl

    Saloon Girl

    The Saloon Girl is paid to entertain and get people to by more drinks. Whether performing on the stage, out in the crowd or even one on one she keeps the customers interested and spending money. Saloon Girls are great sources of …