Trilla Zyrian

Top Card Player in Terrous

Class: Socialite
Archetype: Gambler
Race:Valasian Alignment:CG Level:- Sex:Female
Age:115 Eye Color:Green Hair Color:Blonde Skin Color:Valasian
Height:5’10" Weight:136 lbs.

Who Are You?

Trilla Zyrian is the daughter of William Mount Zyrian a wealthy industrialist in Alfarna. She has grown up in privilege and lives the lifestyle befit someone of her station. She is witty, intelligent and expert in social graces. She has an ability to read people and situations and enjoys demonstrating this at the poker tables.

She is attractive, well spoken and always in the latest fashions. She has been in Terrious since she finished college overseeing an office of her father’s company. She can be found most nights at the Joker Club playing cards. Her charm means she can always find a game even though she has a knack for winning. Most consider her the best player in town, but they will never admit it, at least not to her.

Trilla Zyrian

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