Miranda Case

Deputy Terrous

Class: Deputy
Archetype: Deputy
Race:Valgoth Alignment:CG Level:- Sex:Female
Age:38 Eye Color:Hazel Hair Color:Blonde Skin Color:Caucasian
Height:5’11" Weight:168 lbs.

Who Are You?

Miranda Case arrived in town a few years ago and took a job with the Terrous Sheriff’s Department when they were recruiting after losing several deputies. She worked as a law officer in several small towns and as a Ledgermen before taking the job in Terrous. She is tough and has earned the respect of the other deputies. She is always professional and is good a defusing tense situations without failure.

When not on duty, Miranda is quiet, reserved and keeps to herself. She is attractive, but really has not had a relationship since she has been in town. She has been drung into the social scene by several of the women in town, and she reluctantly does as she sees at as part of the building community relationship aspect of her job. She is always polite and friendly and generally knows how to act in the situation. She will never admit to it, but she does enjoy spending time with the women.

Miranda Case

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