Ilya Vander

Head of the Ledgermen Terrous Office

Class: Ledgermen
Archetype: Ledgermen
Race:Valgoth Alignment:NG Level:- Sex:Female
Age:119 Eye Color:Green Hair Color:Blonde Skin Color:Caucasian
Height:5’11" Weight:142 lbs.

Who Are You?

Ilya Vander took up the job of tracking down the wanted after a friend of hers was killed and got away before the authorities could catch him. She joined the ledgermen and tracked him down. It was a rough commission, but she was able to bring him back alive to face justice. Besides being a good shot and skilled tracker she is also a master at disguise. More than one target has found himself caught after leaving a saloon with a “working girl”. She works well with others and eventually worked her way to being the manager of the Terrous Office and probably the next head of the guild.

She is a beautiful woman, but she tends to dress down to deemphasize her looks. She is aware of what a powerful tool her beauty can be and will not hesitate to use it the apprehension of a targeted, but with in the organization, she is respected for her skill and talent and that is the way she wants it. She works well with others, but tends to have an efficient demeanor that can put off some, but overall the people that work with her like and respect her.

Ilya Vander

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