Carrie La Fontane

The Joker's MC

Class: Saloon Girl
Archetype: The Joker’s MC
Race:Valasian Alignment:CG Level:- Sex:Female
Age:119 Eye Color:Green Hair Color:Blonde Skin Color:Caucasian
Height:6’1" Weight:148 lbs.

Who Are You?

Carrie La Fontane showed in Terrous one day. Nobody knows where she came from or if Carrie is her real name. She has a voice that can command respect or melt the heart of even the coldest man. It was her commanding presence and her voice that landed her a job at the Joker Club. Kitsuna hired her shortly after her husband died and many suspect the two have some history together.

Carrie’s beauty is indescribable. Every night many man spend much money trying to impress her or gain her favor and none have ever succeeded. She is always polite, sweet but never encouraging. She is the MC for the nightly shows and occasionally a fillin bartender. She also runs the club on the rare nights that Kitsuna is off.

Carrie La Fontane

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