Bertram Oberton

Front Door Bouncer at Sally's Place

Class: Bouncer
Archetype: Bouncer
Race:Argoth Alignment:CG Level:- Sex:Male
Age:25 Eye Color:Hazel Hair Color:Black Skin Color:Caucasian
Height:6’1" Weight:185 lbs.

Who Are You?

Bertram “Bert” Oberton is the latest bouncer at Sally’s Place. He works the front door and is the first guy that Frank has not fired within a month of starting. He seems to be a little to quiet and little to laid back to have the job, but the few that have tried to start something at the door have regretted it. He carries a gun, but nobody has ever seen him use it and several people suspect that it not even loaded. He seems to be able to dissuade most trouble before it starts with just a look and the few that don’t stop usually end up with something broken.

Growing up on the streets of Alfarna, Bertram learned early on that he was good with his fists. Over time he gained a reputation in his area for being level headed and able to take care of things. He started working out at a gym and his skills improved. He saw the path for most people in his situation and shaking down hard working people did not appeal to him, so he left Alfarna and traveled for several years. He eventually landed in Terrous and found his way to Sally’s Place the night Frank “fired” the current front door guy and next thing he knew he had a job. Bert found that he liked the work and that most people were looking for a good time and not trouble.

His nature leads to people under estimating him and he uses that to his advantage. He is tall and not bad looking, but he has no sense of style, a point the girls pick on him about. He takes it good naturedly and has even started going out with one of the dancers, but they keep this quiet. Frank has grown to rely on him and some how the quiet guy has become the number two bouncer at Sally’s.

Bertram Oberton

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