Bandits & Others

In a world as diverse and wild as Teluria, there are those that will take what they want without concern for others. Some are driven to the bandit’s life out of desperation and seeing no other way out, while others are seduced by the freedom and power that come with it. Either way most bandits are evil, selfish and out for themselves, but a few are labeled bandits because they fight for the people against the powerful. When you are staring down the barrel of a gun it is hard to know which you are facing.

“The threat of force is all that should be needed, but the willingness must be there or the threat is empty.” — From the Gunfighter’s Life.


Fortune’s Folly

Fortune’s Folly is headed up by the mysterious Miss Fortune. She is described as a beautiful blonde haired woman that is meaner than any man or rattle snake, but there is not a reliable description of her so tracking her down has proved difficult. Her gang engages in any profitable trade they can. They tend to roam the wastes and the recognizable members stay away from the cities.

The gang seems to have two rules. The first they have never been known to harm or kill a child. Second no gang member that has been caught was willing to give up any member of the gang no matter what was offered. No one has been able to determine if it is fear or something else that keeps them from talking, but this has made it difficult to find them.

The gang is wanted for horse theft, murder, caravan robbery, extortion, arson and numerous lessor crimes. There is a standing 5,000 Dahlsim reward for the capture of any member of the gang being offered jointly by all the guilds and city states. There is a 20,000 Dahlsim reward for Derrick Nash and Frederick More two known lieutenants in the gang. Finally there is a 50,000 Dahlsim reward for Miss Fortune herself. This is considered a high risk commission and only experienced ledgermen should consider it. For more information or to make a claim bring them to any Ledgermen office.

Kraven’s Boys

Kraven’s Boys are notorious bandits that roam the wastes. They have robbed banks, travelers, caravans and even a train. They are quick efficient and generally don’t hurt anyone. They use the threat of force, but have only ever attacked those that attacked them first. Josiah Kraven is the leader of the gang, and he is viewed as a father figure by most of the members.

The Telious Railroad Company has offered a reward of up to 50,000 Dahlsim for the capture of Kraven and his gang. They were embarrassed by the train robbery and want to bring them to justice to disuade them and any other copycats. This is considered a medium risk commission, but individual agents are cautioned against attempting this contract alone. For more information or to make a claim bring them to any Ledgermen office.

Current Wanted Posters

The current top most wanted sought by the Ledgermen. Anyone with information should approach an agent or a Ledgermen office. Tips may result in rewards.

Ledgermen Most Wanted


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