The Marks House

Marks house front

The Marks House is a palatial estate located on the edge of Terrous. It was originally built by Everett Marks, one of the founders of Terrous. It was in his family for several generations, but when the last direct descendant died the family started The Founders Trust and the estate passed to the trust. The house is used for many events every year, but the best known event is the Grand Masquerade Ball held during the founders week celebration.

The house is large, even by the standards of Terrous ranches. The house and grounds cover nearly 400,000 acres. The entry drive is almost three miles long and lined with trees. Everything about the house and grounds is on a large scale, but the design and decore is understated elegance. Many have marveled at the craftsmanship and the meticulous nature in which the house and grounds were laid out. It is said that Everett spent a year finding the site for the house, before design and construction began.

Marks house entry

The entry way to the Marks House is its best known feature. The long drive allows for a high degree of privacy and allows the visitor to think they have entered a different part of the world. During large events, the long drive makes managing the carriage traffic easier, and it is not recommended that people try to walk to the house.

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