Gambling represents the characters skill in games of chance. Gambling covers all forms of games of chance. The skill provides knowledge of the rules and strategies for playing.

In addition to how to play the game, the skill can be used to provide a history of games, famous players and famous games.

The gambling skill can be used to cheat or spot cheating. Players with Sleight of Hand gain a +2 synergy bonus when trying to cheat.

Gambling DCTask
vs. OpponentPlay a game of chance for an hour
vs. OpponentAttempting to cheat at a game of chance
vs. OpponentAttempting to determine if someone is being cheated

Knowledge: Photography


Knowledge Photography is used to take and develop pictures using various types of cameras. In addition this skill is used to repair cameras. The skill also covers knowledge of famous photographers, photographes and other information about photography.

Photography DCTask
10Composing and taking a picture that is in focus.
15Printing pictures from film or plates.
20Developing film or a plate.

Knowledge: Wastelands


Knowledge Wastelands covers information about the Wastelands, such as history, major landmarks, and what tribes live there. It can be used to uncover information about places and where things can be found. It does not provide the knowledge needed to survive in the Wastelands; that is covered by the survival skill.

Having more than 5 ranks in Knowledge Wastelands gives the character a +2 synergy bonus on Survival skill checks made to survive in the wastes and to track people or animals traveling through the wastes.


Double Tap

You can make two quick shots with a firearm as a single attack.

Prerequisites: Dexterity 13, Point Blank Shot
Description: When using a double action firearm with at least two bullets loaded, you may fire two bullets as a single attack against a single target. You receive a -2 penalty on the attack, but you deal +1 die of damage with a successful hit. When using a single action firearm with the Fanning feat the player can use one attack to make a double tap instead of the normal fanning attacks.


Using two hands a player can make multiple attacks with a single action firearm.

Prerequisites: Dexterity 13, Point Blank Shot, Both Hands Free, Grit
Description: By using two hands, a player can fire all the rounds in a revolver as a full attack action. The player makes an attack roll for each attack at his full base attack bonus, but takes a cumulative -2 for each attack. The player is considered to be wielding a two handed weapon when making this attack. If the player uses this feat to make a Double Tap attack then he can only fire two rounds and follows the rules for the Double Tap.

For example a player with a single action revolver with 6 shots, can fire all six shots in one round as a full attack. The first shot is normal, the second is at -2, the third is at -4, and so on until the player stops or runs out of ammo.

Card Counting

A player gains a bonus to Gambling checks.

Prerequisites: Wisdom 13
Description: Card Counting is the skill of keeping track of elements that affect the outcome of a game of chance. What cards are played, the odds of winning based on the current situation and other useful information. This allows the player to get an advantage on their gambling check. Card counting provides a +4 bonus on gambling checks.

Card counting also allows a player to determine if there is a chance he is being cheated. A player with card counting can make a Sense Motive check at +2 to determine if he is possibly being cheated. The player must play for at least 2 hours before this bonus can be used.


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