Tag: Ledgermen


  • TheBandits

    Bandits & Others

    In a world as diverse and wild as Teluria, there are those that will take what they want without concern for others. Some are driven to the bandit's life out of desperation and seeing no other way out, while others are …

  • LedgermenWanted

    Ledgermen Most Wanted

    The following is the most current list of wanted from the Ledgermen. Anyone with information about subjects on this list should contact their nearest Ledgermen office or a Ledgermen agent. Potential Rewards for …

  • Miles Carson

    Who Are You?

    Miles Carson has been the head of the Ledgermen for the last 30 years. During that time he has consolidated the influence over the tracking of wanted and got all the city states to recognize the ledgermen as the authority in …

  • Ilya Vander

    Who Are You?

    Ilya Vander took up the job of tracking down the wanted after a friend of hers was killed and got away before the authorities could catch him. She joined the ledgermen and tracked him down. It was a rough commission, but she …