Rebecca McLintock

G W McLintock's Daughter

Class: Engineer
Archetype: Rancher’s Daughter
Race:Argoth Alignment:CG Level:- Sex:Female
Age:19 Eye Color:Blue Hair Color:Black Skin Color:Caucasian
Height:5’6" Weight:145 lbs.

Who Are You?

Rebecca McLintock is the only daughter of G. W. McLintock. She has just graduated Terrous University in the last year. She studied business and engineering and has shown an aptitude for both. She grew up at Coal Creek Ranch and much to her mother’s dismay she worked the cattle herds with her dad.

She is very much on the latest fashion trends and gets upset with her father that he does not pay more attention to society. She is an attractive young lady, and has several young men courting her as she is G. W.’s only child. She is well aware of this and is very careful about who she sees.

Rebecca McLintock

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