Olav Chanko

Runs the Informan Guild Office in Terrous

Class: Guild Manager
Archetype: Informan Guild Manager
Race:Valasian Alignment:CG Level:- Sex:Male
Age:192 Eye Color:Black Hair Color:Black Skin Color:Valasian
Height:6’3" Weight:186 lbs.

Who Are You?

Olan Chanko is the head of the Informan Guild office in Terrous. He is efficient, precise and runs a very profitable operation. He rose through the ranks quickly. This surprised many around him because of his quiet nature, but he has an ability to present himself and command a room when he needs to. This coupled with his ability to be almost missed in a room when he wants allowed him to make changes, gain support and get whatever else was needed to complete a task. He has a near photographic memory and this serves him well as the confidence that comes from it and his reputation wins many arguments before they even start.

He is very likable and most people that work for him enjoy it, along with the bonuses that come from being successful. He does not go out often preferring a quiet evening at home, but he does have a passion for poker and can be found some nights at the Joker Club playing in a game. He is very good and many have stopped playing with him, but there are always those that think they can beat the man with moustache.

Olav Chanko

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