Miles Carson

Head of the Ledgermen

Class: Guild Master
Archetype: Guild Master
Race:Quargoth Alignment:NG Level:- Sex:Male
Age:188 Eye Color:Black Hair Color:Black Skin Color:Black
Height:5’0" Weight:265 lbs.

Who Are You?

Miles Carson has been the head of the Ledgermen for the last 30 years. During that time he has consolidated the influence over the tracking of wanted and got all the city states to recognize the ledgermen as the authority in this area. The ledgermen have prospered under his leadership and he will be retiring in the next couple of year.

How he got into the business of tracking down the wanted known can really remember, but anyone that has known him says he was born to it. He has innate sense of tracking down a target and has the highest success rate ever. Today the years have caught up to him and pressures of the world show on his face. He has a very affable manner and is well liked and respected by his membership.

Miles Carson

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