Lady Arabeth Jorsen

Head Mistress of the Informan Guild

Class: Guild Mistress
Archetype: Guild Mistress
Race:Argoth Alignment:LE Level:- Sex:Female
Age:40 Eye Color:Green Hair Color:Black Skin Color:Caucasian
Height:5’5" Weight:122 lbs.

Who Are You?

Lady Arabeth Jorsen is the head of the Informan Guild and the defacto ruler of the City State of Alfarna. She is a very intelligent woman, shrewd negotiator and will use most means to get what she wants. She is a very striking woman with long black hair and piercing eyes that are said to be able to stare through a man’s soul.

As head of the Infoman Guild she is privy to most all the dealings that are had in Telious. She is responsible for the first railroad being built and several other recent banking deals that have been completed. The people of Alfarna generally support her as their lives have greatly improved since she came to power. There is a small faction that seeks to overthrow her and instill a more democratic government.

Her younger sister, Lady Alendra Jorsen-Markess, is the Chairwoman of the Telious Railroad company. They are very close and even though they are separated by two years there is very strong family resemblance between them. She arranged for her sister to get the Chairmanship so she would have someone she trusted in place, as the Railroad represents a huge investment for the Guild and her personally.

Arabeth was dating Darious Storgen for a time and many thought they would eventually marry, but a break through at Darious’s company, lead to a business arrangement. Once she and Darious started doing business they both decided that they could not see each other any longer, but she still has strong feelings for him. Now that he is Mayor of Terrous and he has stepped down from Strogen Manufacturing, the two have started seeing each other secretly again.

Lady Arabeth Jorsen

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