Jericho Winchester

Jericho Winchester, Rifleman

Class: Gunslinger
Archetype: Rifleman
Level: 10
Race:Valasian Alignment:CG Level:10 Sex:Male
Age:148 Eye Color:Purple Hair Color:Auburn Skin Color:Olive
Height:6’3" Weight:175 lbs.


STR: 12 +1
DEX: 20 +5
CON: 14 +2
INT: 15 +2
WIS: 16 +3
CHR: 10 +0

Saving Throws

Fortitude: 11
Reflex: 14
Will: 9


Acrobatics #16
Climb #10
Escape Artist8
Handle Animal10
Sense Motive17
*Trained Only, #Armor Check

The Basics

Speed:30 ft.
Base Attack:+10
Armor Class:25
Touch AC:21
Flat Footed:16


  • Anatomist
  • Warrior of Old


Weapon Attack Dmg Crit Type Range Ammo Notes
Lever Action Rifle 18/13 1d10+8 x4 B&P 80’ 13 No Notes
Revolver 18/13 1d10+8 x4 B&P 20’ 6 No Notes
Double-Barreled Shotgun 18/13 1d10+3 (x2) x2 B&P, Scatter 20’ 2 No Notes

AC Items

AC Items Bonus Type Check Spell Weight 30’ 20’ Notes
Leather Duster +4 Light -3 20% 20 lbs. 30ft 20ft Full AC Versus Bullets

Who Are You?

Jericho Winchester is a Valasian who has made a name for himself in his years wandering the wastes, and he is often hired by guilds to act as constable of trading caravans traveling between settlements. His early life is shrouded in mystery. He took his first name from the town in which he was born, which was destroyed by an army of marauders when he was very young. His has faint memories of the aftermath of the battle that destroyed his home, hiding under the rubble of the sheriff’s office until the marauders rode out of town. It was from that rubble that he pulled his first rifle, with his last name carved into the stock. Being Valasian, it is difficult to determine exactly how old Jericho is, but he is thought to be approximately 150 years old. Of course, this is based upon the best estimates of scholars and archaeologists studying what remnants of evidence currently exist. They have been unable to locate the location of the town of Jericho yet; it is one of many ruins scattering the wastelands.

Wandering the wastelands for years, Jericho Winchester has been many things—treasure hunter, trader, soldier, constable, protector. One thing that has remained constant throughout all of his travels, he always seems to end up protecting the innocent and helpless from the powerful and corrupt. Jericho typically tries to work things out peacefully, knowing that if the world is to survive, all of the factions and races will need to learn to coexist. However, he is no stranger to violence and does not hesitate if it is necessary.

Jericho is well known in Terrous. He has made it his adopted home for nearly a century now. Jericho is known and respected by many of the pillars of the community. He is considered the consummate professional, and each of the city’s companies have hired him at one time or another; he is regularly employed by Terrous Armory, Storgen Manufacturing, and Sage Trading and Supply when they are in need of a reliable and experienced constable for a caravan or shipment. Jericho has known Anastasia Evers for more than 100 years, first meeting when they were both much younger in the town of Alfarna. He also knows Sally very well, and they have been friends and confidantes for many decades. It seems that Jericho also knows Kitsuna Chan, an old acquaintance perhaps something more. Regardless, although the details of their past relationship are unclear, they seem to be trusted friends.

How Do You Fit In?

Jericho Winchester is a long-time friend and sometime partner of Conner Murphy and [Chris’ sniper], the three of them have saved caravans on numerous occasions. He is acquainted with Drs. Calliope Smith and Reardon St. Thomas, serving as security on a number of expeditions over the past several decades.

Jericho Winchester

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