Dr. Harden Storgen

CEO Storgen Manufacturing and Inventor of the Lightning Drive

Class: Engineer
Archetype: Chairman of Strogen Manufacturing
Race:Argoth Alignment:CG Level:- Sex:Male
Age:32 Eye Color:Brown Hair Color:Red Skin Color:Caucasian
Height:5’8"" Weight:180 lbs.

Who Are You?

Dr Harden Storgen is a prodigy in every sense of the word. By the time he was five he was solving advanced math equation and by the time is 10 he had redesigned his fathers engineering processes to improve efficiency and reduce waste. By the time he was 15 he became one of the youngest people to gain a doctorate from Terouss University. He went to work in the family business full time and made more discoveries.

A friend of his brother’s gave Harden some documents that had been discovered at an ancient site to see what he could make of them. This led Harden to the breakthrough that created the Lightning Drive. A revolutionary technology that is powered by water and provides a significant return for the power invested in running it. This drive led to the development of the railroad engine and other technologies that allow large amounts of cargo and people to be transported much faster than by horse.

Today he is CEO of the company since his brother was elected mayor. The company charter requires a family member to be the CEO, but everyone knows this is a job that is not suited to Harden. He serves in the role, runs board meetings and is the company’s public face, but his assistant Anastasia actually runs the company. Only known to a few in the inner circle, Harden and Anastasia are to be married within the year and then she can assume the CEO position and he can return to R&D fulltime.

Dr. Harden Storgen

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