Anastasia Evers

Assistant To Dr Harden Storgen

Class: Bard
Archetype: Assistant
Race:Valasian Alignment:CG Level:- Sex:Female
Age:165 Eye Color:Silver Hair Color:Red Skin Color:Valasian
Height:5’9" Weight:132 lbs.

Who Are You?

Anastasia grew up in a wealthy family in Alfarna. She was the youngest child and was indulged and spoiled by her parents. She learned the value of wealth early on and has shown a talent for making money. She was quick to learn, but became easily board with things so she never really excelled at anything. This has led many to underestimate her, and she is okay with that.

She has a degree in business and took a job with Storgen Manufacturing about 10 years ago. She ended up managing the finances of the R&D Department. While in this role she met Dr Harden Storgen and was instantly taken with him. This was the first man she ever met that did not bore her. They became friends very quickly and secretly much more not to long after.

When Darious Storgen left the CEO position to become mayor, things changed rapidly for her. Called into a meeting with Darious and Harden it was revealed to her that Harden was to become CEO, but that they both knew he would need help running the company. They wanted her to be his assistant until the two married. At that time she would take on the CEO position and Harden would return to running R&D. She accepted the strange marriage proposal as well as the job and has been working in the role ever since.

Anastasia Evers

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