Dr. Alphonse Blake

President of Terrous University

Class: Professor
Archetype: University President
Race:Valgoth Alignment:CG Level:- Sex:Male
Age:185 Eye Color:Hazel Hair Color:Grey Black Skin Color:Weathered
Height:5’6" Weight:165 lbs.

Who Are You?

Dr. Alphonse Blake has been at Terrous university for as long as anyone can remeber. He was originally a history professor and field researcher. He became the Dean of the School of History and Archealogy about 65 years ago. He was well liked as dean by the students and the faculty. About 34 years ago he accepted the position of president. He has had that position ever since.

Today he is looking forward to retirement and his face shows the signs of worry and age. His plans to retire are currently on hold as the replacement, Dr. Calliope Smythe is currently on indefinite sabbatical. He has had routine contact with her assisstant Samara Payne, but she has not yet been able to return to her position. He has time to wait for now, but if the situation does not improve he may have to look for other candidates.

Dr. Alphonse Blake

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